Primary Characteristics of Ceramic ball valve

Primary Characteristics of Ceramic ball valve is as follows.

The ceramic ball valve has
· internally all-lined with ceramic for erosive and  abrasive media.
· an easy-to-service arrangement, due to the  center joint face of the valve body, which   allows for easy replacement of the ball and seals, without the need for removing the stem and actuator.
· a floating ball that seals in both directions of flow and at low differential pressures.
· sturdy, blowout-proof rigidly journalled stem and a drive arrangement between the ball  and stem that transmits torque evenly.
· stem seal with maintenance-free O-ring seals.
· the NAF standard for mounting the actuator,   which simplifies installation and results in a compact valve/actuator unit.
Ceramic ball valves can be used both as control and shut-off valve for difficult applications with erosive and abrasive media.
This kind of control valve represents a concrete result of our product philosophy which is focused onfunctionality, high quality and low life cycle costs, and is based on concentrating our range to a limited number of valve types, but all of them suitable for a wide variety of applications.

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